W is for WELCOME

Welcome to tracehapbet! a fusion of trace rasmussen colour artist and the alphabet.

one of my favourite collections is my music in my iPod, so to kick this off, heres a list of all the songs starting with W in my iPod collection….

wait ’till you see him

wait and see

wait for you

waiting all day

waiting for the sun

waiting for tonight

waiting for your time to come

waiting in vain

waiting on an angel

waiting on the world to change

wake me up before you go go

wake up

wake up alone

wake up and live

wake up little susie

waking up in vegas

walk away

walk like an egyptian

walk of life

walk right back

walk the proud land



walkin’ blues

walking after you

walking on a dream

walking on broken glass

walking on the moon

walking to new orleans

walking wounded

wall crawling giant insect breaks

wamdue project

wandering eye

wanna be startin’ something

wanna be up

want to need to

wanted man

waok (ay) rollcall


war child

war dub

war within a breath

war/no more trouble


warm love

warm tape


warning sign

warning siren



warwick avenue

washing up (tiga mix)

wat u see aint what u get

watch over you

watchn me fall

watching cars go by

watching it rain

watching the detectives


water of love


waterloo sunset



way beyond

way beyond

way down

way over yonder

way the world

way to fall

way you look tonight (the)

wdpk 83.7fm

we’ll meet again

we’re all in this togetehr

we’re gonna make it

we’re not right

we’ve got a groovy thing goin’

we and dem

we are friends

we are not going to make it

we are the champions

we are the people

we believe

we can work it out

we didn’t start the fire

we don’t now where we’re going

we have all the time in the world

we haven’t turned around

we like to party

we might as well be strangers

we never change

we only come out at night

we said hello goodbye

we share our mothers health

we the dub yore

we took a ride

we two

we used to be friends

we want to go home

we will rock you

we’re looking for a lot of love

wear my ring around your neck

weather with you

wedding song

wednesday morning, 3am

weed is life

the weekend

weekend (vocal mix)

weekend wars

weenie beenie

weeping willow

weight of the world


welcome to jamrock

welcome to paradise

welcome to the jungle

welcome to the monkey house

welcome to the room…sara

welcome to tijuana

western eyes

wet n waild

wet sand



what’cha know about

what’s going on

what’s happening brother

what’s love got to do with it

what’s my name?

what’s on your mind

what’s the frequency kenneth

what’s wrong?

what’s your name

what a situation

(what a) wonderful world

what am i gonna do (i’m so in love with love)

what are you waiting for?

what becomes of the brokenhearted

what do i have to do

what ever happened?

what goes around come around

what i got

what i like about you

what i wanted

what if

what if i do

what is this thing called love?

what makes you cry?

what makes you think you’re the one

what new york couples fight about

what now my love

what she wants

what the…are we saying?

what we needed

what would i know

what would u do- the dogg pound

what you see aint what you get

what you want

whatcha want

whatever happened to tracey?

whatever it is

whats golden

(whats so funny bout) peace lo


when a man loves a woman

when did you stop loving me, when did you stop loving you

when I’m 64

when i come around

when i grow up (to be a man)

when i see you again

when i shine

when i think of you

when it started

when love comes to town

when love takes over

when my dream boat come home

when the morning turns to night

when the tigers broke free

when tomorrow comes

when will i be loved

when you’re in love

when you’re looking like that

when you’re scared of dogs

when you believe

when you come

when you come around

when you were young


whenever god sines his light

whenever you breathe out, i breathe in

whenever you call

where’s your head at

where are we going?

where are you tonight?

where boys fear to tread

where did you sleep last night?

where do the children play where do we fit

where nobody knows

where the bums go

where the party’s at

where the streets have no name

where the wild roses grow

where ya going?

whereyou lead

wherever i lay my hat (that’s my home)

which side are you

while my guitar gently weeps

whippin’ picidilly

the whirled you live

whiskey in the jar

a whisper

whisper and moans

whistle for will

white city

white dwarf

white ladder

white light

white man

white rabbit

white riot

white room

white shadows

white wedding

whiter shade of pale (a)

who’d have known

who’ll stop the rain

who’s that girl?

who’s the realest?

who am i (what’s my name)

who are you stamping your foot for?

who feelin’ it

who is it

who loves who the most?

who needs forever?

who said i would

who the cap fit

who told you

who you with

whole lot of love

whole lotta loving

wholy hold


why can’t i be you?

why does it always rain on me?

why does love do this to me?

why does my heart feel so bad?

why georgia

why go

why should you come when i call?

wicked game

wicked game instrumental

wide open road

widow of a living man

wild america

wild boys

wild honey

wild horses

wild is the wind

wild night

wild one, forever

wild west end

wild wild life

wild wind

wild world

will to live (the)

will you be there

will you catch me

will you fall for me

will you love me tomorrow

win or lose

wind (the)

wind below

wind cries mary (the)

wind up

winding road


wipe out


wired for sound

wisdom fall

wish it would rain down

wish you were here

wishing i was there

wishing you were here

wistler (the)

witchy woman

with a little help from my friends

with a song in my heart

with or without you

within you without you

without a face

without love

without u

without you

witness (one hope)

witness dub


wolf like me


a woman in love

woman in you (the)

won’t give in

won’t wash

wonder of you (the)

wonderful remark

wonderful tonight

wonderful you


wooden heart


workin’ on leaving’ the livin


working for the man

world (the)

world at large (the)

world looking in

world of our own

world town

world turning

world where you live

worldwide connected


worthy of

wotcha got

would i lie to you?

wouldn’t change a thing

wouldn’t it be nice

woz not woz

wreck of the old ’97


writer’s block

written in the stars


wrong number

wrong way



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