TRACEPHABET_N3My friend Sarah Croft is the author, creator and collector behind the stunning tumblr blog Nothing to chance. Scrolling down the page, I feel like a kid in a candy store wanting everything this moodboard of beautiful images has to offer. Gathering from her favourite sources on the web Sarah has created a collection based on her creative inspirations. While writing this I realised Nothing to chance is so much more than tumblr blog, it actually exists now as a collection or/and resource of everything that is good about design at this present moment.

Thanks to Sarah for letting me share her inspiring little world.

Happy Friday Peeps!

1- Aim Lamp 2- Martina Sperl Branding Identity 3- Tuki Dining Chair 4- Hay 5- Frost series 6 –Kuskoa Chair 




2 responses to N is for NOTHING TO CHANCE.

  1. Helle Walsted

    I need to get in touch with Sarah Croft from Nothing to Chance, and from your blog I can see, that she is a friend of yours. I hope you can help me with her mail address, as I have not been able to locate it. Thank you in advance.
    Best regards

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